Our Story

Colour Bar was created out of a Necessity.

I have been in the salon, and styling for over 25 years.  All that time I've been constantly bombarded with external toxins in my workplace.

It is time to Clean it Up.

I became very sensitive to my environment, and over time I began to show signs of Toxic Overload.  Headaches, Nausea, Burning sensations in my Eyes, Nasal Passages and on my Hands.

I seriously (literally) Felt the need for a Major Change.

The one thing that stands between you and a bowl of toxic soup is the stylist applying it.  They are the Only Ones that decide what chemicals to use on you. I personally Love my clients, my stylists and myself, and so I had to find a cleaner, healthier alternative to create the colours.

Our Organic Colours are imported from England and Italy. They have been sourced, because of their amazing ability to create Beautiful Natural Hair Colours. Offering excellent long lasting coverage without the Burn!

Magazines and Reads.

Happy to say, that No Trashy Toxic Tabloids (Printed Toxins) will be found anywhere at our Magazine Bar. We have to offer a fine selection of Fashion, Finance, Food, Architecture and Sports magazines from around the world.

Fancy A Cuppa?

As an English person, Tea plays a large roll in our socializing and so when you visit Colour Bar you will be offered a menu selection of Organic Loose Leaf Teas, individually bagged to your liking.  We don't serve coffee due to the many variations people request, plus there is a coffee shop on most corners. (We all have our fav brew).

One of the unique services we offer is called a 'RooTween'.

This is a wonderful service we offer our Colour Clients. This is where you can take home a blend of your Organic Hair Colour to use in between colour services. Apply to hairline and part line.  Ideal for clients who maybe traveling and need a touch up while away. Works well for those who don't need a full root touch up, but the silvers are peeking through at the temples.

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Our Approach

At Colour Bar our experienced styling team has been hand picked to ensure hairdressing of the highest standard. With consistency in both skill and technique, our down to earth and unpretentious stylists will make sure you leave our salon with a flawless cut or color.

Colour Bar is proud to be a Team Salon.  What does this mean? Our stylists are trained to perform all of our services the same exact way while still maintaining their individual flare and creativity. With quarterly all-staff education, monthly personalized trainings, and yearly “Academy” classes we make sure that every single one of the stylists at Colour Bar is up to date on the latest hair and fashion trends.

A team salon allows you to book a service with any one of our stylists and receive the same quality results. All your hair related information is stored in our system allowing any one of our stylists access to your color formula, product preference, and appointment history; giving them the tools necessary to replicate your favorite look!

Next Steps...